look at the blackboard看着黑板

draw a circle画一个圆

on the paper在纸上

make a card做一张卡片

many circles许多圆形

a PE lesson一节体育课

have a PE lesson上一节体育课

follow the orders按照指令

give the orders发出指令

stand in a line站成一排

do some exercise做锻炼

have supper吃晚饭

clean the library打扫图书馆

do one’s homework做作业

join us加入我们

classes begin开始上课

wash clothes洗衣服

at the weekends在周末

spend one’s weekends过周末

talk about谈论

on Friday afternoon在星期五下午

after school放学后

surf  the Internet上网

learn English from me向我学英语

listen to music听音乐

at home在家

watch cartoons看卡通

do housework做家务

of course/ sure当然

catch insects抓昆虫

put …on把…放在…上

turn right向右转

do this ten times做这个十次

this train for Shanghai去上海的火车

the plane for Beijing去北京的航班

go there去那儿

go to the Great Wall去长城

go by tax i坐出租车去

go to the theatre去剧院


by taxi坐出租车

on foot步行

go to the supermarket去超市

jump up and down上下跳

listen carefully仔细地听

ten times十次

turn left向左转

right hand右手

every day每天


lift up抬起

lie on one’s back仰躺


a busy day忙碌的一天

at night在晚上

on duty值日

be quick快点

a football game一场足球赛

watch TV看电视

catch butterflies抓蝴蝶

our good friends我们的好朋友

a Primary School一所小学

in the tree/on the tree在树上

in bottles在瓶子里

different countries不同的国家

the English Club英语俱乐部

live in New York居住在纽约

speak English说英语

teach English教英语

a big city一个大城市

read books读书

visit China参观中国

Japanese visitors日本参观者



come to my birthday party   来参加我的生日聚会

a VCD of Japanese cartoons一张日本卡通光盘

have a birthday party举办生日聚会

open the door开门

make a birthday card做一张生日贺卡

take off脱下

Sports Day运动日

at  weekends在周末

watch cartoons看动画片

visit the zoo参观动物园

play volleyball打排球

clean the house打扫房子

as a birthday present作为生日礼物

birthday cake生日蛋糕

your birthday你的生日

blow out吹灭

after school放学以后

camping trip野营旅行

go home together一起回家

look around四周看

pick up捡起

take a walk散步

a ten-yuan note一张十元的钞票

make noise发出噪音

talk about谈论有关……

at a camp在一个营地上

cook a lot of food做许多食物

have a big lunch吃一顿丰盛的午餐

at Spring Festival在春节

go to parties去参加聚会

come after在……之后到来

on New Years Day在元旦

New Years Day元旦

have a good time玩得很高兴

go camping去野营

play a lot of games玩许多游戏

this afternoon今天下午

go to Beijing去北京

play with balloons玩气球

sing and dance唱歌跳舞

play with friends和朋友玩

on Christmas Day在圣诞日

at Christmas在圣诞节

Christmas trees圣诞树

the presents under the Christmas tree在圣诞树下的礼物

so many这么多

draw and write in the diary在日记上画和写

open it for me为我打开它

like drinking tea喜欢喝茶

twin sisters双胞胎姐妹

Christmas presents圣诞礼物

open the presents打开礼物

under the seat在座位下面

write his diary写他的日记

after lunch午餐后

walk to the driver走向驾驶员

sit at the back of the bus坐在公共汽车的后面

the seat in front of me在我前面的座位

get off下车

go for a walk去散步

the woman beside him在他旁边的妇女

be glad to see很高兴见到…

go to the supermarket去超市

have a chat聊天

look the same看起来一样

Weneed help with PE体育需要帮助



do well in…做得好

be good at singing擅长唱歌

be good at English擅长英语

try again再试试

the only child唯一的孩子

twenty minutes younger than小20分钟

ten years older than大10年

a good basketball player一位好篮球运动员

some of the boys男孩中的一些

in my class在我班里

know the way认识路

how to get there怎样到达那儿

tell me告诉我

be from/ come from来自于

the way to the History Museum去历史博物馆的路

all of us我们所有人

be late for school上学迟到

start our lesson开始上课

read the new words读新单词

jog to school慢跑去学校

play ball games玩球类运动

get stronger变得更强壮

get up early起得早

do more exercise做更多锻炼

on you right在你右边

turn left at the fourth crossing在第四个十字路口左拐

miss it错过它

how far多远

five kilometers away五公里远

a long walk一段长的距离

every five minutes每五分钟

every six days每六天

go to the post office去邮局

on Zhongshan Road在中山路

in the street在街上

their plans for the weekend他们的周末计划

join us加入我们

the GardenTheater花园剧院

by the way顺便问问

tomorrow afternoon明天下午

at the concert在音乐会上

go on an outing去远足

have a picnic野餐

the best season最好的季节

in summer在夏天

most of the time大多数时间

in the countryside在乡下

like spring best最喜欢春天

which season哪个季节

make snowmen堆雪人

make a snowman堆雪人

need warm clothes for winter冬天需要温暖的衣服

Sounds great.听起来不错。

have classes有课,上课

the trees turn green树木变绿

walk along the street沿着街走


get off at the second stop在第二个车站下车

get to the shoppingcenter到达购物中心

a book about animals一本关于动物的书

run out of the shop跑出商店

come to help过来帮助

get my purse back拿回钱包

start to run开始跑

run along the street沿着街跑

high jump跳高

for one year(要)一年

long jump跳远

know the weather知道天气

next week下个星期

like to play with lanterns喜欢玩灯笼

eat chocolate eggs吃巧克力蛋

in January or February在一月或二月

eat rice dumplings吃粽子

a popular holiday一个流行的节日

in China在中国

listen to him听他讲

in the grass在草丛中

watch the moon赏月

on different holidays在不同的节日

last year去年

give presents to your friends把礼物给你的朋友

eat moon cakes吃月饼

play with lanterns玩灯笼

visit their relatives and friends拜访他们的亲戚和朋友

eat lots of delicious food吃许多美味的食物

of course当然

last Spring Festival上个春节

in October在十月


dress up in costumes用戏服装扮

public signs公共标志

on the wall在墙上

go to bed睡觉

a lot of  a lot大量的;许多

stay away from…远离……

walk on the grass在草地上走

play computer games玩电脑游戏

the bird’s cage鸟笼

have dinner吃饭

watch TV看电视

go home回家




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